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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies me to receive the $50 mail-in reward?
A purchase of $250 or greater made in a single transaction (single receipt) between 10.20.2021 - 12.31.2021 with a new or existing CFNA credit card is eligible for the $50 reward. The online reward submission must be completed by 01.14.2022. Reward submissions after this date are not eligible for the reward. Reward submissions are processed through the website. 

Am I able to process multiple transactions within the promotion date to meet the $250 minimum purchase requirement?
No, the qualifying purchase must be made on a single receipt between 10.20.2021 - 12.31.2021 with your CFNA credit card account. However, you are eligible for two (2) rewards if two separate purchases in the amount of $250 or greater each are made within the promotional period and the reward submissions are made by 01.14.2022. Limit of two (2) rewards per CFNA credit card account.

I submitted my reward request after the dates specified. Will I still qualify?
If the submission date has passed for your reward offer, you will not be eligible for that reward. Always check the terms and conditions as soon as possible to ensure you submit in time.

Where do I find the terms and conditions for the reward promotion and/or terms and conditions for the prepaid debit card?
The INFO section of contains the terms and conditions for the reward promotion and the prepaid debit card. The CFNA Privacy Policy is also located in this section. Additionally, if you click the Learn More button on the landing page, you will be directed to the terms and conditions page.

Do I have to give my email address?
An email address is required, as it allows us to provide you with up-to-date status information regarding your reward submission. All information submitted with your claim form is kept confidential.

My status says I’m "not approved." What does this mean?
There may be missing information on the form, purchase minimum was not met or purchase was not made within promotion window. To find out more about your specific reward claim, call (800) 728-7338.

How long will it take to receive my reward?
Please allow 10-12 weeks for us to receive your submission, process it and issue your reward.

What if I did not receive my mail-in reward within the 10-12 weeks after the reward approval email was received? 
If you did not receive the reward within the 12 week timeframe from the approval email receipt and you have met all the qualifying conditions of the $250 or greater purchase to a CFNA credit card on a single receipt, and processed the online claim submission by 01.14.2022, please call us at (800) 728-7338.