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Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my claim request after the dates specified. Will I still qualify?
If the claim submission date has passed for your offer, you will not be eligible for the Prepaid Debit Card. Always check the terms and conditions as soon as possible to ensure you submit the claim on time.

Where do I find the terms and conditions for the promotion and/or terms and conditions for the Prepaid Debit Card?
The INFO section of contains the terms and conditions for the promotion and the Prepaid Debit Card. The CFNA Privacy Policy is also located in this section. Additionally, if you click the Learn More button on the landing page, you will be directed to the terms and conditions page.

Do I have to provide my email address?
An email address is required, as it allows us to provide you with up-to-date status information regarding your claim submission. All information submitted with your claim form is kept confidential.

My claim status says I’m "not approved." What does this mean?
There may be missing information on the form, purchase minimum was not met or purchase was not made within promotion timeframe. To find out more about your specific claim, call (800) 728-7338 or email us at

How long will it take to receive my Prepaid Debit Card once approved?
Please allow 10-12 weeks from the date of your approval for your card to be processed and mailed.

What if I did not receive my mail-in Prepaid Debit Card within the 10-12 weeks after the approval email was received
If you did not receive the Prepaid Debit Card within the 12 week timeframe from the approval email receipt and you have met all the qualifying conditions of the promotion, please call us at (800) 728-7338 or email us at

How is the Prepaid Debit Card mailed
The Prepaid Debit Card is sent via USPS in regular white-window envelope that will say ‘Important Open Immediately’ at the top. It may appear to be a credit card offer or junk mail at first glance. Please be on the lookout for this envelope.

What if I misplaced my Prepaid Debit Card? 
ITA Group and CFNA are not responsible for lost and/or misplaced Prepaid Debit Cards once mailed. Please call us at (800) 728-7338 or email us at for more information.